Kubotan Keychain Set w/ Pepper Spray


Each set includes:

  • kubotan or “window breaker”
  • wristlet
  • bottle holder w/ empty bottle (great for hand sanitizer)
  • Pom Pom
  • clasp keychain ( easily hook to belt or purse)
  • Pepper spray
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Kubotan Keychains are easy to carry and ergonomically designed. Strong enough to break a window if needed. Shock Kitty has paired these kubotans with pepper spray for added defense. The additional clasp attachment allows you to a hook these sets to your book bag, purse, or even your belt loop.

Struggling with a gift idea for your femme identifying friends and family? Non binary and gender variant persons are assaulted at a much higher rate and even more so for “femme” presenting people. Protection in the immediate sense looks like having resources at your fingertips …literally. These keychains are thoughtful and appropriate without the need to put too much thought into the gesture.

?So what exactly is a Kubotan?

The kubotan was first made for use by the Los Angeles Police Department. Kubota based the design on the “hashi” stick, which Kubota’s father had invented. Small stick weapons of this type have been used in martial arts for centuries. The Japanese Yawara is a similar type of weapon. Kubotans are used by many police forces and by military personnel, but now you can repurpose this item for your own protection.

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Red Kubotan w / Red Spray, White/Silver Kubotan w / Clear Spray, Yellow Kubotan w/ Purple Spray, Turquoise Kubotan w/ Pink Spray, Blue Kubotan w / Yellow Spray, Green Kubotan w / Orange Spray, Turquoise (Floral) Kubotan w/ Light Blue Spray


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