Fresh Melon Coconut Milk Soap

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Organic handmade soap infused with coconut milk to help secure hydration. Packed with essentials oils, made with sustainable organic palm oil and vegetable grade lye. Soap bar has a crisp and light scent suitable for unisex usage.

Be sure to store soap on a soap dish with consistent airflow to preserve integrity of the bar.

5 oz

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Milk, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, Organic Sunflower oil , Food Grade Lye, Spirulina, Fragrance oil
Made in United States of America

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2 reviews for Fresh Melon Coconut Milk Soap

  1. aubrey nunes

    IN LOVE my favorites were the fresh melon coconut bar soap and the lavender coconut bar soap, they lathered up real nice in the sink and shower, the melon one just smells fresh and clean and? I dont know how to describe it!

  2. Aoelaigh Finn

    my skin literally glows after I use this stuff, the scents are so real and not at all perfumey or artificial, I’m never using another brand

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